June 1, 2011

My whole stay at Davao this past May/June was like a grand reminder of why I like the city. I admit, the city’s infectious — infectious in a different way from this town and the big city.

This picture was shot one hot afternoon when I walked from a government agency to a nearby convenience store. Walking along a road you’ve been driving through during the previous years feels…liberating. You start to pay attention to the love and chaos that surrounds you; the art pops out and your taste buds wake up. It’s refreshing. There’s a lot more street art (some people call them vandalism) along a street near this corner. I think I’ll blog about them all soon.

I remember way back in 2006 passing through this same corner and seeing a group of gutterpunks talking to the police. And how badly I wanted to get out and talk to them.

Photo taken at downtown Davao City.

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