February 8, 2013

Last month has been too great for my taste. Even brain can’t handle the awesome that went down in just 28 days. Here’s the best that I can do to sum it up in one sentence:

Started it off by going to a friend’s debut, then had a fun weekend and spontaneously went bowling with my closest friends, spent five days killing our legs exploring and drowning our eyes with beauty and filling our tummy’s with yum in Singapore, had a blast being a nocturnal creature during FebFair as a non-student and met a lot of good people along the way, went to the first international concert I have been to in almost two years and had the time of my life, started employment in this amazing consultancy company then moved in our boarding house in the big city and made a lot of friends on the way, and then capped it off with an eventful whatever in LB.

Yeah, I took a lot of pictures in all of February. There are a lot with really good back stories and amazing aesthetic elements. But this particular picture brings back so much for me.

This is a picture of the entry hallway of Sri Mariamman Temple, a Hindu Temple two blocks away from the inn we were staying at in Chinatown, Singapore. The first night in the city, we were shopping at this street fair when music suddenly came blasting from the temple. We went there and saw that a ritual just started taking place. When we walked in I was immediately sent to tears. Everything in that place was too beautiful: the paintings, the sculptures, the music, the smell, the garments — everything just appealed to me in a certain way. I couldn’t quite compare it to anything else. It was, in a sense, overwhelming. It felt like I was a lost kid just standing there holding back tears.

I was joking on our way back that it was a sign. That I have found the religion for me and that I had to convert. But then we went in this Bakkwa Store at the corner with the most heavenly beef jerky in all of history. Haha.