So I found this incredible nugget of happiness online. A flashback to (so far) the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life.

I love Linkin Park. I admire their crew. I love the respect the people I met had. I like the feeling of Chester holding on to my hand towards the end of the show. I love music.

Thank you, Mr. Youtube User for making this.

Nothing like a classic how-are-you conversation to make you feel worthless in life.

Just when you have your goals figured out, there’s always that one person to slap you with reality. There’s always that one person to tell you otherwise. And what sucks more is the fact that that person matters. It makes you conflicted with what exactly you want to do. They also give you something concrete to think about. I hate it. I hate how life gets complicated every time I wake up.

Today I had that Ayusin-Mo-Na-Buhay-Mo Conversation with myself again. Yes, I talk to myself about life and yes, I do it often. This kind of conversation happens usually around this time — when half of the calendar year has already passed and some things are still frustratingly shitty and when I catch myself Iiving like I’ve flipped on the self-destruct switch. So. Dear self, ayusin mo na buhay mo. It’s not funny anymore.